Save, View and Share pathology images

Manual Whole Slide Imaging Software (PathoCam) to save pathology images by using your own microscope equipment. The zoom/view, annotate and share it by web/browser.


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Empowering pathologists and scientists with web software and artificial intelligence (AI)

By connecting the new technology of huge medical imaging and the machine and deep learning we can provide to pathologists and scientists all the necessary tools to help them in their work. Cancer Center applies deep learning techniques to pathology.


Manual Whole Slide Imaging Software to save time and cost. By using your own microscope equipment, you only need to buy a camera and the pathocam whole slide imaging software. That’s just a fraction of a slide scanners cost!

Save Whole Slide

Save Whole Slide from microscope using PathoCam software and camera.  Save Time and Cost!

View by browser

Easily view them in your browser by zooming (PathoViewer).


Measure and annotate the regions of interest on the whole sample to generate reliable results!


Share pathology images by Google Drive/Link.

AI Analyse

Analyse/Make diagnosis using Machine and Deep Learning (AI) algorithms.


Upload pathology images and easily view them in your browser by zooming. Annotate images and collaborate with other users. Use AI modules for support.

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